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Age and gender play an important role in calculating the BMI. Men generally have a higher proportion of muscle mass in total body mass than women. Therefore, the upper and lower limits of the BMI value classes are slightly higher for men than for women. For example, the normal value for men is in the interval of 20 to 25 kg/m², while for women it is in the interval of 19 to 24 kg/m². For senior citizens, the value may increase with age. The reason: small fat reserves help the body to survive even longer illnesses. From the age of 65, a BMI of up to 29 kg/m² is therefore still considered desirable. Since weight is very different for men and women, we recommend that you take a look at our table with the average BMI values for women. Because women have less muscle and more fat in their bodies and because muscle is heavier than fat, the BMI value for women is 1 point lower. Here you will find an overview:

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BMI table for women

BMI Weight class
< 17.49 Underweight
17.50 - 23.99 Normalweight
24.00 - 26.49 Overweight, Level 1
26.50 - 28.99 Overweight, Level 2
29.00 - 31.49 Adipositas Status 1, Level 1
31.50 - 33.99 Adipositas Status 1, Level 2
34.00 - 36.49 Adipositas Status 2, Level 1
36.50 - 38.99 Adipositas Status 2, Level 2
> 39 Adipositas Status 3


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